Next-level skin improvement with the professional treatments from DÉCAAR!

We do not like standing still, in fact: we are constantly innovating. We closely follow all developments in the field of treatment techniques. A few months ago we came across a brand that we can no longer ignore, and that is DÉCAAR. This brand has a number of wonderful treatments with which very good results can be achieved in the short term. And that is exactly what we want for you!

We are going to offer different DÉCAAR treatments, but there is one treatment that stands out as far as we are concerned: the Algae Peeling! This peeling consists of algae, herbs and perfluorocarbon. The combination of these ingredients is very effective in improving various skin problems, such as acne or rosacea. In addition, the Algae peeling is a real anti-aging treatment! The skin becomes visibly more youthful and radiant. The Algae Peeling works biologically and offers a 100% safe treatment process. Normally it takes the skin 28 to 30 days to make new cells. Thanks to the Algae Peeling, the skin produces these cells in just 10 days. This accelerates the change of the epidermis, which ensures a new, fresh and radiant skin.

What makes this peeling special?
Unlike other peels, the Algae Peeling works from the inside out. The skin is stimulated in the deeper skin layers to make new cells. These are then transported to the skin's surface. Through this process, the dead skin cells are naturally shed and make way for new, fresh cells. With most peels, the top (dead) layer of the skin is removed.
Bij de meeste peelings wordt het bovenste (dode) laagje van de huid verwijderd.

Powerful ingredients
Perfluorcarbon is a very unique ingredient and one of the active ingredients in the Algae Peeling. Perfluorocarbon is an oxygen transport system. It attracts oxygen molecules, which improves the healing process of the skin, reduces wrinkles and the cells function better. (Just think of a wound that heals better when it comes into contact with oxygen.) In addition to perfluorocarbon, the peeling contains a combination of skin-improving herbs and algae.

Algae are rich in healthy nutrients and antioxidants. The algae that are added to the Algae Peeling contain minerals, such as; iron, iodine, calcium, sodium and amino acids. Algae also contain vitamins and vegetable proteins.

The herbs processed in the Algae Peeling each have a different function for the skin. For example, they ensure a faster recovery, intensively nourish the skin, regulate sebum production and have antibacterial properties, which visibly reduce inflammation such as rosacea and acne.

The treatments of DÉCAAR can now be booked with us!

In shape for the summer with fitness for your skin.

Every year when summer approaches, the stress for a fit and toned body also comes into play. This year maybe even more than ever because of the many “corona kilos” that are still on it! Losing weight is not always easy, and if you lose weight, it is often not in the desired place. Fortunately, we have something for that: the treatments with LPG endermology. 

Losing weight in places where you want it without intense or aggressive treatments, with long results, sounds good right! By means of the endermologie® technique of LPG® we reduce stored fat in specific areas such as: abdomen, legs, buttocks, waist, thighs, arms, back, etc. This 100% natural and painless treatment reduces fat and tightens your contours. The body contouring treatment works as follows: the special LPG® treatment head stimulates the tissue in the deeper layers of the skin and simultaneously tackles three problems: locally resistant fat, skin slackening and cellulite. We work on several layers of the connective tissue at the same time. So-called “white” adipose tissue is activated and will function as “brown” adipose tissue. This increases the local fat burning in targeted areas. With this treatment we ensure that your body's own cells (fibroblasts) go back to work and the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is fully stimulated, which ensures a firm and even skin. 

In addition to body contouring treatments, many other treatments are possible, such as lip edema, stretch marks, scars, cellulite and circulation problems.

If your body is completely summer-ready, your face cannot be left behind! Therefore, also grab the LPG facials. During the facial treatments, the blood flow is effectively activated in a natural way and the supply of oxygen and nutrients increases. Various skin problems can be treated with the facials. Think of sagging skin, wrinkles, double chin, bags under the eyes and dull skin.

Practise makes perfect!
If anyone is an expert in LPG treatments, both for the body and the face, it's Monique! She was the first in Amsterdam to start with the LPG endermology treatments and that is already more than 10 years ago! You can verify that Monique has already done many treatments in all those years and therefore masters all techniques down to the last detail!

Do you want to know what Monique can do for you with her expertise? Then make an appointment with her for a no-obligation intake interview.

Ready to take care of you down to the last detail.

After times of staying at home as much as possible, there will also be a time when more and more can and may, and hopefully that will soon! As soon as we are allowed to open our doors again, we are ready to give you delicious but also effective treatments. After a visit to our salon you are completely spring proof and ready to hit the road again!

After lockdown treatment
Your skin could use a boost because you've been indoors so much and haven't had a professional treatment for a while. Even though you have taken good care of your skin in recent weeks / months with quality products, nothing beats a treatment in the salon. We work with higher percentages of active ingredients and can therefore work more powerfully on your skin. What we all do during an “after lockdown treatment”? We start with an intake, followed by a thorough cleaning, level 1 peeling, short manual connective tissue massage and conclude with light therapy from Beauty Angel 

Slimmer into spring
Research has shown that there are many Dutch people who gained some weight in the past year, partly due to less exercise and less healthy food. Now that spring is approaching, and light is slowly coming again at the end of the corona era, it is time to start eating healthy again! And we know that it is not always easy. PowerSlim can give you just that helping hand to start eating healthily and to really keep it up! PowerSlim is not a diet, but helps you to get a healthy lifestyle under our guidance. 

Connective tissue stimulation  
Do you want to bring your skin back in good condition? Then connective tissue stimulation is ideal. We work with LPG endermologie equipment, but are also specialized in manual connective tissue massages. Everyone has their own preference and that is why we look together to see what suits you best and how we can achieve your goals the fastest. One thing is certain: through connective tissue stimulation you put your skin back to work to become firm and tight again! The cells in your connective tissue will again produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. And with that your skin becomes tighter and firmer again!

We are happy to massage out the stress of recent times! We give you a body massage that is relaxing, yet firm and skin-improving. After we have loosened your bottlenecks, you can go back to it!

Finishing touch 
Messy Brows and Nails? We ensure that your eyebrows look nice and tight again by means of henna brows. The henna not only adheres to the eyebrow hairs but also to the skin. Depending on your skin type and aftercare, the henna stays on the skin for about 2 weeks, and even 6 weeks on the hair! A nice touch on your nails can work wonders for your hands and feet. Our tip: also book a nice manicure! 
Een mooi tintje op jouw nagels kan wonderen doen voor jouw handen en voeten. Onze tip: boek er ook een fijne manicure bij!

Plan ahead
As soon as we are allowed to open again, we are immediately ready for you. Plan your appointment in advance so that you are sure of your spot. After the previous lockdown, our agenda was filled very quickly because a large part of our customers had immediately booked treatments. When we are still closed you can of course always contact us for skin advice and to order your favorite Dermalogica, LPG and PowerSlim products!

Give yourself a mini treatment at home!

Now that we are in the middle of the lockdown, a visit to our salon for a wonderful treatment is unfortunately not possible. But that doesn't mean you can't boost your skin! With our step-by-step plan you give your skin a mini treatment at home that will improve your skin in any case.

1. Create time for yourself 
Lock yourself in the bathroom and take some extra time for this treatment. Put on nice music so you can completely relax!

2. We start with cleansers
An important step of any treatment is the thorough cleaning of the skin. To make sure your skin is really clean, clean the skin twice. We recommend using the precleanse or precleanse balm, followed by a cleanser that suits your skin type / condition. Rinse your skin with lukewarm water after cleansing. 

3. Time to exfoliate
By regularly exfoliating products are better absorbed by the skin, cell renewal is stimulated and impurities are prevented. There are roughly two different forms of exfoliation: mechanical and chemical. The most famous variant is the mechanical one and is also called scrub. Each type works in its own way and has advantages. Chemical exfoliants are especially suitable for sensitive skin and acne sufferers. You can use mechanical exfoliants if you have normal or oily skin. Take a moment to gently exfoliate your skin. Then rinse your skin well with water, unless you have used a leave-on exfoliant such as the Daily Resurfacer. 

These are times when you shouldn't exfoliate and skip this step:

  • with sunburn.
  • after waxing.
  • for wounds and scrapes.
  • for very sensitive skin.
  • after treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peel or laser treatment.
  • when using certain skin thinning medications, such as Accutane, Retin-A and Renova.

4. Mask
A mask is an ideal addition to your care ritual and helps solve skin problems. Apply a thin layer of your mask and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Then remove the mask with water, unless you have a mask that you can leave on.

5. Eye cream 
The skin around the eyes is thinnest, which is why you see lines and wrinkles the fastest here. It is therefore important not to skip this part of your face! Apply a small amount of your eye cream. We often see an eye cream applied incorrectly. The right way is: start on the outside and end on the inside!

Mix like a pro with a serum & moisturizer 
With a serum you ensure that you can easily adapt your skin care to changes in climate, hormonal cycle or lifestyle. A serum contains powerful ingredients that benefit your skin anyway. A moisturizer is a must because it ensures that the moisture balance of the skin is restored while underlying products are “sealed”. In addition, you protect your skin against external influences. Mix your moisturizer with a few drops of serum in your palm. Then apply it to your face in circular motions.

7. Last but not least: SPF!
The last step is to apply an SPF. Even though it is winter now, an SPF is still important to protect your skin against UV radiation. If you already have an SPF in your moisturizer, you can skip this step, and if you go to bed afterwards, of course!

Do you still need products?
Are you missing some products to give yourself a mini treatment? Or are your favorite products running out? Send us an email with your order and we will ensure that the products are delivered to your home as soon as possible! Not sure what you need? We are happy to give you the best possible advice over the phone during the lockdown!

Radiant skin during the holidays? Follow the Mo Esthetics beauty ritual!

The holidays are upon us! We only have a few weeks left until Christmas and New Year's Eve. Do you want to have healthy and glowing skin during the holidays? Then follow our beauty ritual! Getting the maximum result from your beauty ritual is not only about using the right products, the order in which you use the products is also very important! We already have a reminder for you: always start with the thinnest texture and end with the thickest. 

The Mo Esthetics beauty ritual looks like this:
Step 1: precleanse
We start with cleaning the skin. Even the best skincare products cannot do their job properly if there is still excess sebum, make-up or other dirt on your skin. Remove all make-up and dirt from your skin with PreCleanse or PreCleanse Balm. How do you do this best? Grab a small amount in dry hands and massage into dry skin to remove oil and dirt. Wet your hands with water and massage the product into a light, milky consistency. Then rinse your face with lukewarm water.
Hoe je dit het beste doet? Pak een kleine hoeveelheid in droge handen en masseer het in op een droge huid om olie en vuil te verwijderen. Maak je handen nat met water en masseer het product in tot een lichte, melkachtige substantie. Spoel daarna je gezicht af met lauwwarm water.

Step 2: cleanser
We clean the skin 2 times. In step 1, we cleansed the skin with an oil-based cleanser, and now we continue with a water-based cleanser. This combination can really remove all dirt from the skin, so that the skin is optimally clean. For this second cleaning you can use a water-based cleanser such as Special Cleansing Gel or Intensive Moisture Cleanser. How do you do this best? Dispense the amount the size of a blueberry, mix it with water and apply to your face with your hands. Massage the cleanser well and then rinse your face with water. 
Hoe je dit het beste doet? Doseer de hoeveelheid ter grootte van een blauwe bes, meng het met water en breng het met je handen aan op je gezicht. Masseer de cleanser goed in en spoel je gezicht vervolgens af met water.

Step 3: exfoliant
Now is the time to exfoliate. We choose a variant that you can use every day. Remove dead skin cells and smooth your skin with Daily Microfoliant. How do you do this best? Mix a grape-sized amount with water and massage the product onto your face. Then rinse your face with water. 
Hoe je dit het beste doet? Meng de hoeveelheid ter grootte van een druif met water en masseer het product in op je gezicht. Spoel je gezicht daarna schoon met water.

Step 4: toner
With a toner you restore the moisture balance of your skin and improve the absorption capacity of the skin. We are a fan of the Multi-Active Toner, but you can of course also choose a different toner that suits your skin type / condition. How do you best use a toner? Spray 3 to 4 pumps evenly over your face and keep your eyes closed.
Hoe je een toner het beste gebruikt? Spray 3 tot 4 pompjes gelijkmatig over je gezicht en houd je ogen gesloten.

Step 5: moisturizer
Protect your skin against external influences with a moisturizer that matches your skin type and skin condition. Prevent premature skin aging by always finishing with an SPF. If your moisturizer already contains an SPF, this is the last step. If your moisturizer does not yet contain SPF, we recommend that you apply a separate SPF, such as the Solar Defense Booster SPF50. How do you best apply your moisturizer? Apply a generous amount and massage the moisturizer into your skin in circular motions. If you choose a moisturizer without SPF, mix a loose SPF with your moisturizer for optimal protection.
Hoe je jouw moisturizer het beste aanbrengt? Breng een royale hoeveelheid aan en masseer de moisturizer met ronddraaiende bewegingen in je huid. Als je kiest voor een moisturizer zonder SPF, meng dan een losse SPF met jouw moisturizer voor optimale bescherming.

Take a step further?
Above we have described the basic beauty ritual for healthy and radiant skin. Do you want to take you one step further? Use an eye cream and a serum every day. An eye cream is very important to slow down the skin aging process around the eyes as much as possible. The serums we sell contain very active ingredients to give your skin the desired boost. You can use the serums on problem areas or mix with a moisturizer or mask. Masks are an ideal addition to your beauty ritual and help solve skin problems. We also advise you to drink enough water (at least 2 liters per day) and regularly apply an SPF during the day, especially in winter!

You are very welcome with us!
Of course, all the products mentioned are for sale in our salon. Do you want to know which cleanser, toner and moisturizer are most suitable for your skin? Then come and visit us without obligation. We are happy to analyze your skin extensively and tell you which products you can best use to give your skin a boost so that you can go through the holidays with a radiant skin!

Salicylic acid, Lactic acid and Glycolic acid: all of them provide skin improvement. But which acid does what?

If you are working on improving your skin, you may have heard of the above acids. At Mo Esthetics, the health of the skin is central and that is why we only use products with high-quality ingredients, including various acids. The acids all ensure skin improvement. But which acid do you use for which skin problem? We take you into the world of acids!

Salicylic acid
Salicylic acid is great for blemished skin, partly because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is great for reducing pimples and clogged pores and ensures that the cell renewal of your skin gets a boost. We use this acid in our acne treatments, among other things. If you suffer from blemished skin or acne, we generally recommend a product from the Active Clearing product line from Dermalogica. 

Lactic acid
Lactic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). During the treatment we mainly use lactic acid for dry, sensitive and vulnerable skin with a disrupted barrier function. We do this because of its moisturizing and brightening properties. Lactic acid gives a boost to cell renewal so that other products can be better absorbed by the skin. Lactic acid protects the pH value (acid mantle) of the skin and kills organisms that can provoke skin complaints, such as fungi and yeasts. 

Glycolic acid
Glycolic acid is the best known of the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane and has the smallest molecular structure of all acids. Glycolic acid therefore has to penetrate very deep into the skin. There it softens the "glue" between the skin cells, causing them to peel off. Glycolic acid also puts the skin back to work. The cells at the bottom of the epidermis produce new skin cells more quickly. These healthy new cells contain enough water, so that the skin is well hydrated.

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)
Trichloroacetic acid is a compound from acetic acid and chlorine. The acid gets very deep into the skin, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis. Because TCA can reach the dermis, we use TCA to treat deeper skin damage, improve the overall skin texture and smooth the skin. Unlike other acids, TCA does not soften the skin cells, but it solidifies the proteins of the skin and dissolves the skin cells. TCA can be used in different concentrations and layers. Based on an intake, we determine what is best for your skin. 

Would you like to know more about what we can do to improve your skin? Then schedule a no-obligation skin analysis. We can then see what suits your skin and draw up a personal treatment plan.

Do's and don'ts of exfoliating

The ideal way to get soft, smooth and even skin is to exfoliate! Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from your skin. This improves texture and complexion, stimulates cell renewal and improves the absorption capacity of the skin. An "exfoliant" is an ingredient that removes dead skin cells on the skin's surface, revealing the new and smooth skin underneath.

Chemical or mechanical?
There are two different forms of exfoliation: mechanical and chemical. Each type works in its own way and has certain advantages. A chemical exfoliant smoothes and softens the skin by dissolving the "glue" that adheres dead skin cells to the skin's surface. As a result, the dead skin cells peel off more easily and thus the skin texture and appearance is improved. Ingredients that are often used for this are mainly Hydroxy Acids (such as Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid), Retinol (Vitamin A) and enzymes (such as Papaya). For chemical exfoliation, acid-free, smoothing ingredients can also be chosen, such as Hibiscus and Rosehip. These ingredients are mildly exfoliating and, unlike acids, work from the inside out. 

Mechanical exfoliation uses physical ingredients or tools to remove dead skin cells by friction. Consider, for example, small grainy particles that are in a scrub or by using a scrub brush. Most mechanical exfoliants are mild and contain small coarse particles such as Corn Cob Flour, Rice Bran or Oatmeal that exfoliate the dead skin cells from the skin.


  • Preferably exfoliate your skin in the morning because that is when most of the dead skin cells can be found on your skin. Your skin repairs and renews at night, leaving plenty to exfoliate in the morning.
  • Choose a product that suits your skin type and skin condition. At Mo Esthetics we are happy to advise you on which exfoliant is suitable for you. 
  • If you have acne, exfoliate your face. Exfoliation can help purify deep down into the follicle and stimulate cell turnover.
  • Reduce dehydrated skin through exfoliation. It can help remove dead skin cells and bring new moisture-filled cells to the surface of the skin.
  • Tackle pigmentation spots. Exfoliating can cause dark cells to peel off the skin more quickly, and melanin production can be reduced.
  • Never forget to moisturize your skin with a serum and / or moisturizer after exfoliating. 


  • Exfoliate too often. Scrubbing or exfoliating too often can damage your skin barrier.
  • Do not exfoliate if you are sunburnt.
  • After waxing, it is also better to leave the exfoliants for a while.
  • We advise against exfoliating for wounds and scrapes. 
  • If you suffer from very sensitive skin, it is better to leave it to a professional to stimulate your cell renewal. We would be happy to discuss with you which treatments are possible.
  • Do not exfoliate after microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or laser treatment.
  • Do not use exfoliants if you are on certain skin thinning medications, such as Accutane, Retin-A and Renova.
  • Don't rub too hard while exfoliating. Let the ingredients do their job.

A step further
Is your skin already used to the use of exfoliants? Then you can go a step further with a professional peel. At Mo Esthetics we offer various peels where we work with high concentrations of acids. We are happy to help you with a fresh, even and healthy skin! 

Wat kun je doen om pigmentvlekken te verminderen?

Nu de zomer op zijn eind loopt is het voor velen tijd om de balans op te maken. Is er zonschade? Zijn er donkere verkleuringen? Wanneer de huid te veel zonlicht te verdragen krijgt, kunnen pigmentcellen verstoord raken en er voor zorgen dat een opeenhoping van pigment op een bepaalde plek ontstaat. Pigmentvlekken (hyperpigmentatie) komen vooral voor op het gezicht, decolleté en de handen.

Wat zijn de belangrijkste oorzaken van pigmentvlekken?
Om pigmentvlekken effectief te kunnen behandelen, is het handig om te weten wat de veroorzakers zijn van deze vlekken.

Hormonen: een zwangerschapsmasker (melasma), is een vorm van hyperpigmentatie door een teveel aan hormonen. Ook anticonceptie of medicijngebruik kunnen deze vorm van hyperpigmentatie veroorzaken.

Te veel blootstelling aan zon: wanneer de huid overmatig wordt blootgesteld aan UV-straling kan zonschade ontstaan. De huid maakt dan te veel melanine aan om zich te beschermen en daardoor ontstaan pigmentvlekken.

Wondjes/ontstekingen: hierbij kleurt de huid donker als gevolg van littekens door acne en/of puistjes of door wondjes op de huid.

Wat kunnen wij doen om jouw pigmentvlekken aan te pakken?
Een goede behandeling start wat ons betreft bij een goede intake. Daarom analyseren wij jouw huid grondig voordat we overgaan tot een behandeling. Tijdens de intake proberen we de oorzaak van jouw pigmentvlekken te achterhalen. Aan de hand van de uitkomsten van de intake, maken we bij Mo Esthetics een behandelplan op maat om jouw hyperpigmentatie te verminderen.  

Krachtige peeling
Wij beschikken over krachtige peelings die als het ware de bovenste huidlaag verwijderen. Een peeling zorgt ervoor dat de celdeling wordt bevorderd. De bovenste huidlaag schilfert af en neemt het teveel aan oppervlakkig pigment mee. Doordat de  dat huid zichzelf vernieuwt, worden naast hyperpigmentatie ook eventuele fijne lijntjes, en acne littekens verminderd. Daarnaast zorgt een peeling ervoor dat de algehele huidstructuur fijner wordt. Allemaal mooi meegenomen natuurlijk!

Waardevol advies
Naast het behandelen van pigment, werken wij ook preventief. Voorkomen is tenslotte beter dan genezen! Daarom adviseren wij je altijd om een zonbescherming met spf (ook in de winter!) te gebruiken. Dit voorkomt dat er door UV-stralen nieuwe pigmentvlekken ontstaan. Daarnaast is er een ingrediënt dat helpt om hyperpigmentatie aan te pakken: Vitamine C. Dit is een antioxidant dat zeer effectief is in het opsporen van vrije radicalen. Vitamine C helpt ook om het natuurlijk afweersysteem van de huid te verbeteren en kan helpen de huid te verdedigen tegen toekomstige oxidatieve stress. Hierdoor wordt de huid van binnenuit én van buitenaf effectief verhelderd. Wij adviseren naast een goede UV bescherming ook om verhelderende producten te gebruiken die Vitamine C bevatten.

Plan een intake in zodat wij een behandelplan kunnen opstellen om jouw pigment aan te pakken.

Is it possible to stop skin aging?

Unfortunately, there is no panacea to stop skin aging, but slowing down the skin aging process is possible! And let us at Mo Esthetics have exactly the right expertise, treatments and products for this!

From the age of 20, our skin starts to age on average. Collagen and Elastin are produced to a lesser extent in the skin, resulting in signs of aging. Think of sagging skin, fine lines and pigmentation spots. As we age, our cell division slows down. Older skin takes longer to replace a cell on the skin's surface than young skin. 

What exactly happens in the skin aging process?

The epidermis is getting thinner. In addition, the corium skin (dermis) changes. There is a reduction in the number of blood vessels in the skin, a reduction in connective tissue (collagen) and elastin fibers and a reduction in the number of sebaceous glands and a decrease in the function of the sebaceous glands.

Due to the reduction of elastin fibers, the skin loses its elasticity. The aging skin then develops wrinkles. The reduction and decrease in the function of the sebaceous glands causes dry skin, which ultimately results in wrinkles and lines.

What can you do yourself to slow down the aging process?

There are a number of (well-known) things you can do yourself to slow down the aging process. For example, it is important not to expose your skin unprotected to UV radiation. Make sure you always use a product with SPF, even in winter! In addition, smoking is also a culprit. In addition to the dangers of cancer, smoking and sunlight also cause faster skin aging. UV radiation in sunlight damages the connective tissue and the elastin fibers. It is also important to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day and to eat a healthy diet (vegetables provide antioxidants).

What can we do for you

As discussed above, there are a number of processes that show signs of aging. We look at what your skin needs most. For one this is a skin-improving peeling in which we give the skin a boost and stimulate the cell renewal process, for the other this is connective tissue massage to combat the slackening of the skin.

Our peels contain natural acids that remove the top skin layer so that the young skin cells appear. With a peeling we can drastically reduce wrinkles, pigmentation spots, sun damage and scars. We are happy to advise you on which peeling is suitable for your skin. 

We work with connective tissue massages to prevent sagging of the skin. Both mechanically and manually. Monique is a star in the field of connective tissue massages. The connective tissue has many special functions that contribute to the suppleness of our skin. Hyaluronic acid is produced in the connective tissue. The connective tissue also contains blood vessels so that waste products can be removed via the lymphatic system. Finally, it contains collagen, elastic and reticular fibers, which provide elasticity, volume and firmness. 

The result of a good connective tissue massage? 

  • Removal of subcutaneous adhesions
  • Visible reduction in cellulite
  • Afbraak van vetafzettingen
  • Improvement of the skin condition
  • Less tired legs
  • Firming of the skin

During an intake, we are happy to advise you whether manual or mechanical connective tissue massage best suits your skin needs.

How important is an SPF really?

UV rays are very harmful to the skin. In fact, it is skin aging cause number 1! To properly protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays, it is important to use an SPF. Not just in spring and summer when the sun shines, but all year round. Even in winter when it is cloudy, the UV rays can cause skin aging, and in particular the UVA rays.

What does SPF mean?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. An SPF indicates how long you can sit protected in the sun with sun protection, before burning occurs. Not only the sunscreen you use, but your skin type also affects how long you can sit in the sun without burning. 

2 different types of sun protection

There are two different types of sun protection: products with a mineral or chemical sunscreen. Skincare products with a chemical filter penetrate into the skin and are absorbed through the skin. Creams with a mineral filter coat the skin so that UV rays are reflected. Both sun filters work fine!


Every skin is different and everyone has their preferences in terms of sun protection products. At Mo Esthetics we are happy to work with you to determine which product is most suitable for your skin. Based on a skin analysis, we can tell you what kind of sun filter suits you best. 

Just as important: remove the sun filter at night

The basis of healthy skin is clean skin! And that is why it is important that you clean your skin every night (and every morning). The sun filter should be removed in the evening by means of a double cleaning. Preferably you start with an oil-based cleaner to remove the UV filters, among other things. Then follow with a cleanser that is tailored to your skin condition to remove the remaining dirt from your face. 

These 2 steps together, using an SPF and thoroughly cleansing your skin, are the first step to slow down the skin aging process!