After times of staying at home as much as possible, there will also be a time when more and more can and may, and hopefully that will soon! As soon as we are allowed to open our doors again, we are ready to give you delicious but also effective treatments. After a visit to our salon you are completely spring proof and ready to hit the road again!

After lockdown treatment
Your skin could use a boost because you've been indoors so much and haven't had a professional treatment for a while. Even though you have taken good care of your skin in recent weeks / months with quality products, nothing beats a treatment in the salon. We work with higher percentages of active ingredients and can therefore work more powerfully on your skin. What we all do during an “after lockdown treatment”? We start with an intake, followed by a thorough cleaning, level 1 peeling, short manual connective tissue massage and conclude with light therapy from Beauty Angel 

Slimmer into spring
Research has shown that there are many Dutch people who gained some weight in the past year, partly due to less exercise and less healthy food. Now that spring is approaching, and light is slowly coming again at the end of the corona era, it is time to start eating healthy again! And we know that it is not always easy. PowerSlim can give you just that helping hand to start eating healthily and to really keep it up! PowerSlim is not a diet, but helps you to get a healthy lifestyle under our guidance. 

Connective tissue stimulation  
Do you want to bring your skin back in good condition? Then connective tissue stimulation is ideal. We work with LPG endermologie equipment, but are also specialized in manual connective tissue massages. Everyone has their own preference and that is why we look together to see what suits you best and how we can achieve your goals the fastest. One thing is certain: through connective tissue stimulation you put your skin back to work to become firm and tight again! The cells in your connective tissue will again produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. And with that your skin becomes tighter and firmer again!

We are happy to massage out the stress of recent times! We give you a body massage that is relaxing, yet firm and skin-improving. After we have loosened your bottlenecks, you can go back to it!

Finishing touch 
Messy Brows and Nails? We ensure that your eyebrows look nice and tight again by means of henna brows. The henna not only adheres to the eyebrow hairs but also to the skin. Depending on your skin type and aftercare, the henna stays on the skin for about 2 weeks, and even 6 weeks on the hair! A nice touch on your nails can work wonders for your hands and feet. Our tip: also book a nice manicure! 
Een mooi tintje op jouw nagels kan wonderen doen voor jouw handen en voeten. Onze tip: boek er ook een fijne manicure bij!

Plan ahead
As soon as we are allowed to open again, we are immediately ready for you. Plan your appointment in advance so that you are sure of your spot. After the previous lockdown, our agenda was filled very quickly because a large part of our customers had immediately booked treatments. When we are still closed you can of course always contact us for skin advice and to order your favorite Dermalogica, LPG and PowerSlim products!

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