Have you been dreaming of a slim body for years, but many attempts to achieve your goal turn out to be very difficult? We can well imagine that. We are convinced that the combination of PS. food & lifestyle and LPG endermology treatments is the way to lose weight in a healthy way, which is also easy to maintain, and to get into your (tighter) skin.

Changing your lifestyle in terms of nutrition
Nothing is more difficult than breaking habits you have had for years and not falling back into old habits. This is the case with all kinds of things, but certainly also in the field of nutrition. If you have been used to having a nice piece of chocolate after dinner for years, it will be best not to do this for a few weeks. But how difficult is it to continue with your New Year's resolutions after a few weeks? Because we believe in losing weight in a healthy way, we work PS. food & lifestyle. PS. food & lifestyle originated from 'feeling good', 'having plenty of energy' and 'being happy with who and what you see in the mirror'. That goes beyond a number on the scale. That is about a happy and healthy lifestyle that is tailor-made for you. We do not believe in one way and certainly not in one measure to a beautiful self-image. Everyone is unique, and that requires a personal approach. At Mo Esthetics you don't have to do it alone. Sometimes you just need someone to explain, motivate and give you the tips and advice you need. Together we draw up a personal plan. We look at what you do and don't feel comfortable with and try to make it as easy and feasible as possible for you, because only then will you achieve your goals. Every week we discuss your progress, questions and the next steps.

Tackling your skin and connective tissue
It often happens that people suffer from fat accumulation in certain places that does not disappear with weight loss. We are also aware of that. By means of the endermologie® technique we eliminate stored fat from specific zones such as the abdomen, legs, buttocks, waist, thighs, arms and back. LPG® is 100% natural, completely pain-free and results-oriented. The equipment works with the patented endermologie skin stimulation technique in which the body's own cells are put to work. The innovative suction system in combination with vibrations ensures that skin improvement and body contouring is worked in a pain-free, effective way! By means of intensive connective tissue treatments, in combination with the right products and a healthy eating and exercise pattern, we bring your body & mind back into balance.

Limited Time Offer
Because summerbodies are made in winter, we now have a great offer:
Cure of 10 LPG endermology treatments (40 min)⁠
PS food & lifestyle starter pack ⁠
Weekly menu for a week (including food excluding fresh products)⁠
Supplements for a whole month⁠
PS food & lifestyle cookbook⁠
Intake conversation + zero measurement on the scale⁠
Coaching session 1 x a week ⁠

Now temporarily from €963 for €750! Do you want to use this? Send an email to info@mo-esthetics.nl to register

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