Every year when summer approaches, the stress for a fit and toned body also comes into play. This year maybe even more than ever because of the many “corona kilos” that are still on it! Losing weight is not always easy, and if you lose weight, it is often not in the desired place. Fortunately, we have something for that: the treatments with LPG endermology. 

Losing weight in places where you want it without intense or aggressive treatments, with long results, sounds good right! By means of the endermologie® technique of LPG® we reduce stored fat in specific areas such as: abdomen, legs, buttocks, waist, thighs, arms, back, etc. This 100% natural and painless treatment reduces fat and tightens your contours. The body contouring treatment works as follows: the special LPG® treatment head stimulates the tissue in the deeper layers of the skin and simultaneously tackles three problems: locally resistant fat, skin slackening and cellulite. We work on several layers of the connective tissue at the same time. So-called “white” adipose tissue is activated and will function as “brown” adipose tissue. This increases the local fat burning in targeted areas. With this treatment we ensure that your body's own cells (fibroblasts) go back to work and the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is fully stimulated, which ensures a firm and even skin. 

In addition to body contouring treatments, many other treatments are possible, such as lip edema, stretch marks, scars, cellulite and circulation problems.

If your body is completely summer-ready, your face cannot be left behind! Therefore, also grab the LPG facials. During the facial treatments, the blood flow is effectively activated in a natural way and the supply of oxygen and nutrients increases. Various skin problems can be treated with the facials. Think of sagging skin, wrinkles, double chin, bags under the eyes and dull skin.

Practise makes perfect!
If anyone is an expert in LPG treatments, both for the body and the face, it's Monique! She was the first in Amsterdam to start with the LPG endermology treatments and that is already more than 10 years ago! You can verify that Monique has already done many treatments in all those years and therefore masters all techniques down to the last detail!

Do you want to know what Monique can do for you with her expertise? Then make an appointment with her for a no-obligation intake interview.

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