We do not like standing still, in fact: we are constantly innovating. We closely follow all developments in the field of treatment techniques. A few months ago we came across a brand that we can no longer ignore, and that is DÉCAAR. This brand has a number of wonderful treatments with which very good results can be achieved in the short term. And that is exactly what we want for you!

We are going to offer different DÉCAAR treatments, but there is one treatment that stands out as far as we are concerned: the Algae Peeling! This peeling consists of algae, herbs and perfluorocarbon. The combination of these ingredients is very effective in improving various skin problems, such as acne or rosacea. In addition, the Algae peeling is a real anti-aging treatment! The skin becomes visibly more youthful and radiant. The Algae Peeling works biologically and offers a 100% safe treatment process. Normally it takes the skin 28 to 30 days to make new cells. Thanks to the Algae Peeling, the skin produces these cells in just 10 days. This accelerates the change of the epidermis, which ensures a new, fresh and radiant skin.

What makes this peeling special?
Unlike other peels, the Algae Peeling works from the inside out. The skin is stimulated in the deeper skin layers to make new cells. These are then transported to the skin's surface. Through this process, the dead skin cells are naturally shed and make way for new, fresh cells. With most peels, the top (dead) layer of the skin is removed.
Bij de meeste peelings wordt het bovenste (dode) laagje van de huid verwijderd.

Powerful ingredients
Perfluorcarbon is a very unique ingredient and one of the active ingredients in the Algae Peeling. Perfluorocarbon is an oxygen transport system. It attracts oxygen molecules, which improves the healing process of the skin, reduces wrinkles and the cells function better. (Just think of a wound that heals better when it comes into contact with oxygen.) In addition to perfluorocarbon, the peeling contains a combination of skin-improving herbs and algae.

Algae are rich in healthy nutrients and antioxidants. The algae that are added to the Algae Peeling contain minerals, such as; iron, iodine, calcium, sodium and amino acids. Algae also contain vitamins and vegetable proteins.

The herbs processed in the Algae Peeling each have a different function for the skin. For example, they ensure a faster recovery, intensively nourish the skin, regulate sebum production and have antibacterial properties, which visibly reduce inflammation such as rosacea and acne.

The treatments of DÉCAAR can now be booked with us!

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