Skin improvement to an even higher level with Tixel and Laser treatments!

Because we at Mo Esthetics stand for improving the skin, we have expanded our team with a skin therapist! Eva Streutker regularly comes to work with us on Tuesdays. Eva will mainly focus on Tixel and Laser treatments. Of course you can also contact us for other skin-improving treatments. Because the Tixel and Laser treatments are new in our salon, we will go into more detail in this blog.

Tixel treatments
The technology of the Tixel device works on the basis of natural heat that tightens the skin and gives it more firmness. Wrinkles, sun damage, scars, stretch marks can be treated with it and the Tixel treatments are also ideal to use to improve the skin texture and structure.

We do this during the treatment: we start by cleaning the skin. The Tixel is placed on the skin and gives heat pulses. This feels like a short tap, like a rubber band bouncing against the skin. Then the skin feels warm and a restorative cream is applied. This can be left on the treated area until the next morning so that it can soothe the skin. You will see improvement after one treatment, but a course of three to four treatments gives the best results. You will continue to enjoy the treatment for a long time because collagen needs a longer time to be produced, so that the effects of the treatment will continue for months.

Laser treatments
We work with the KTP laser in the salon. The KTP laser is an effective treatment method to remove or reduce rosacea (redness), pigment and skin bumps. The laser emits beams of light. This is converted into energy and is absorbed into the blood vessels and the pigment. The surrounding skin is left alone so that no unnecessary damage is caused to the skin. The protein in the red blood cells (hemoglobin) absorbs the energy and converts it into heat. This destroys the blood vessels that are cleared by the body.

Would you like to make an appointment for a Tixel or Laser treatment? Then go to our homepage and click on the “make an appointment” button.

Sleek, fit and slim into the summer!

Have you been dreaming of a slim body for years, but many attempts to achieve your goal turn out to be very difficult? We can well imagine that. We are convinced that the combination of PS. food & lifestyle and LPG endermology treatments is the way to lose weight in a healthy way, which is also easy to maintain, and to get into your (tighter) skin.

Changing your lifestyle in terms of nutrition
Nothing is more difficult than breaking habits you have had for years and not falling back into old habits. This is the case with all kinds of things, but certainly also in the field of nutrition. If you have been used to having a nice piece of chocolate after dinner for years, it will be best not to do this for a few weeks. But how difficult is it to continue with your New Year's resolutions after a few weeks? Because we believe in losing weight in a healthy way, we work PS. food & lifestyle. PS. food & lifestyle originated from 'feeling good', 'having plenty of energy' and 'being happy with who and what you see in the mirror'. That goes beyond a number on the scale. That is about a happy and healthy lifestyle that is tailor-made for you. We do not believe in one way and certainly not in one measure to a beautiful self-image. Everyone is unique, and that requires a personal approach. At Mo Esthetics you don't have to do it alone. Sometimes you just need someone to explain, motivate and give you the tips and advice you need. Together we draw up a personal plan. We look at what you do and don't feel comfortable with and try to make it as easy and feasible as possible for you, because only then will you achieve your goals. Every week we discuss your progress, questions and the next steps.

Tackling your skin and connective tissue
It often happens that people suffer from fat accumulation in certain places that does not disappear with weight loss. We are also aware of that. By means of the endermologie® technique we eliminate stored fat from specific zones such as the abdomen, legs, buttocks, waist, thighs, arms and back. LPG® is 100% natural, completely pain-free and results-oriented. The equipment works with the patented endermologie skin stimulation technique in which the body's own cells are put to work. The innovative suction system in combination with vibrations ensures that skin improvement and body contouring is worked in a pain-free, effective way! By means of intensive connective tissue treatments, in combination with the right products and a healthy eating and exercise pattern, we bring your body & mind back into balance.

Limited Time Offer
Because summerbodies are made in winter, we now have a great offer:
Cure of 10 LPG endermology treatments (40 min)⁠
PS food & lifestyle starter pack ⁠
Weekly menu for a week (including food excluding fresh products)⁠
Supplements for a whole month⁠
PS food & lifestyle cookbook⁠
Intake conversation + zero measurement on the scale⁠
Coaching session 1 x a week ⁠

Now temporarily from €963 for €750! Do you want to use this? Send an email to to register

5 tips for at home to sit at Christmas dinner with your most radiant skin ever!

Every year we hear the same wish from our customers in the salon in December: to have beautiful and healthy skin during the holidays. And that's why we, as real skin experts, decided to share our 5 best tips to get your best skin possible in a relatively short time! Here they come..

Skin tip 1: hydrate well!
We can't emphasize it enough, hydration is key! Drinking enough water is the first step to keeping your skin well hydrated. In addition, it also likes to help maintain the elasticity of the skin. Drinking water also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin tip 2: exfoliate!
To ensure that your skin does not become dull and dry, it is important to exfoliate regularly. Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells and reveals a new layer of skin. This layer of new cells immediately gives a brighter, fuller appearance. Our favorite is Daily Microfoliant! This mild powder exfoliant based on rice extracts contains a vegetable clarifying complex that gently exfoliates the skin, leaving the skin super soft and fresh. Daily Microfoliant is suitable for all skin types and is gentle enough for daily use. Foaming the powder with water releases Papaya, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that gently remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal. The unique Skin Brightening Complex ensures a more even complexion and Green Tea and Oats soothe the skin.

Skin tip 3: add Vitamin C to your skincare routine!
With Vitamin C you can brighten the skin beautifully. This powerhouse is one of the strongest antioxidants available. It helps prevent hyperpigmentation and the formation of dark spots, firms the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protects against oxidative stress and free radicals. A nice product to add Vitamin C to your beauty ritual is the BioLumin-C Serum from Dermalogica. This is a powerful serum that strengthens the skin's natural defense mechanism. As a result, the skin is clarified, strengthened and fine lines and wrinkles become less visible.

Skin tip 4: use a moisturizer twice a day!
It is important to nourish your skin in the morning and in the evening with a good cream that suits your skin type and skin condition. To find out which moisturizer is best for your skin, you can always do a free skin analysis with us so that you are sure that you have the right cream. We are fans of the Brightening Cream 24hr from DÉCAAR. This moisturizer is suitable for all skin types. This highly concentrated emulsion is formulated with the most organic vitamin C, herbal extract and arbutin. The ideal moisture balance of the skin is achieved and maintained at this level thanks to Shea butter and macadamia oil.

Skin tip 5: use an SPF every day!
This is really an absolute must! Even if it is cloudy, it is still important to always use an SPF. A cream with SPF prevents damage from UV rays, pigmentation spots and wrinkles. There are different types of SPF products available. Let us advise you on which cream with SPF is right for you. We have SPF products from DÉCAAR and Dermalogica.

Experience wonderful results with DermaPen's micro needling treatments!

Did you know that the Dermapen is the most widely used Micro Needling system worldwide? And that more than 2.3 million treatments in 54 countries have already been done with this system? That's not for nothing! We can achieve such beautiful results with the DermaPen. Various skin problems can be tackled with the DermaPen, such as acne and (acne) scars, rosacea, stretch marks, coarse skin structure, enlarged pores, skin aging and pigment damage. We are happy to tell you more about the last 2 skin problems.

Slow down the skin aging process
Of course we want to keep our skin as tight as possible and postpone the aging process for as long as possible. There are several ways to do that and one of them is to undergo Micro Needling treatments. We opted for the DermaPen brand in the salon (there are other brands, but we opt for the market leader in this area). The Dermapen treatments are designed to create a safe and restorative response in the tissue by activating the natural collagen and elastin production in the skin, all without serious side effects and without downtime. This together with restoring the skin surface ensures an improved skin; the skin looks healthier, tighter and more even and pores fade and wrinkles are reduced. And that's not all! The many microchannels created allow the skin to absorb 80% more active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to nourish and be absorbed by the underlying cells. You can see a big difference after 1 treatment!

Tackling pigmentation
Unlike laser treatments, the Dermapen has no risk of overheating and hypopigmentation. This also makes it a suitable treatment procedure for any patient who suffers from melasma and is predisposed to hyperpigmentation. The treatment is also suitable for all skin types and skin types according to FitzPatrick. 

Have you been walking around with pigment damage due to the sun, hormones or (acne) scars? Or do you want to tackle another skin problem? Then schedule a treatment with us. We always do an intake prior to the treatment to see which treatment best suits your skin (condition) and your wishes in order to achieve the best result.

Schoonheidsspecialist & huidtherapeut gezocht!

Heb jij passie voor de huid en voel jij je thuis in een salon waar het draait om huidverbetering? En ben je naast gediplomeerd schoonheidsspecialist ook nog commercieel en servicegericht ingesteld? Dan pas jij goed in het team van MO Esthetics! Wij zijn op zoek naar een collega’s ter uitbreiding van ons team.

Over MO Esthetics
Een mooie en gezonde huid krijg je niet zomaar. Een combinatie van de juiste leefstijl, gezonde voeding, beweging en ontspanning en natuurlijk de juiste huidverzorging doen wonderen. Bij MO Esthetics combineren en stimuleren wij al deze aspecten. Alle behandelingen die wij doen zijn erop gericht om een healthy skin te bewerkstelligen. MO Esthetics is in 2012 opgericht door Monique Brandjes. Na jarenlange ervaring in de branche, startte Monique de salon in het museumkwartier vlakbij de Pijp. Monique vindt het belangrijk dat de salon toegankelijk is voor iedereen en dat alle klanten op een persoonlijke manier worden behandeld.

Wat vinden wij belangrijk?
Diploma schoonheidsspecialist niveau 4 / of huidtherapie
– Minimaal een jaar werkervaring
– Uitstekende beheersing van de Nederlandse en de Engelse taal
– Ervaring met Dermalogica, DÉCAAR, DermaQuest en/of LPG endermologie® is een pré
– Commerciële en klantgerichte instelling
– Goede communicatieve vaardigheden
– Een zelfstandige werkhouding
– Eerlijkheid, flexibiliteit en een goede motivatie
– Affiniteit met huidverbetering, mani- en pedicure en massages

Wat bieden we?
– Marktconform salaris
– Goede secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden
– Ruimte voor eigen initiatief
– Mogelijkheden om jezelf te ontwikkelen door middel van trainingen
– Fijne werkomgeving in hartje Amsterdam
– De mogelijkheid om op freelance basis bij ons te werken

Ben je enthousiast geworden? Dan zien wij jouw sollicitatie graag tegemoet! Stuur je motivatiebrief en CV + foto naar t.a.v. Monique Brandjes.

Back on track after the summer!

The “normal” life has already started for many and autumn is just around the corner. Time to take a closer look at your skin & body! Has pigment damage occurred on your skin during the summer months due to more exposure to UV radiation? Or has the sun made your skin drier and is a hydration boost much needed? We know what to look out for when we treat your skin after the summer. In addition to the fact that your skin needs maintenance, that can also apply to your body. You will not be the first to gain some unwanted kilos in the summer. What can we at Mo Esthetics do for you? You can read that below!

Personalized facials
When you come to us for a facial, we first start with a short intake and skin analysis. We look at what your skin needs most and adjust the treatment accordingly. Every skin is different and that's why we customize everything for you down to the last detail. In general, after the summer we often see more pigment spots and we regularly encounter dehydrated skins. We work with the professional products of Dermalogica, Dermaquest and DÉCAAR. If desired, we also integrate equipment into the treatment.

Body shaping & skin firming
In the summer months you might drink a glass of wine more often and in the evening you might have a drink on the terrace or in the garden. Ice creams are also a lot more tempting in the summer! Not surprising at all that some extra kilos have been put on. Make sure that these temporary holiday pounds don't become permanent! Make sure your body gets back in shape with the LPG endermologie® treatments. What exactly happens during the LPG endermologie® treatments? Endermologie® stimulates the slimming cells (adipocytes) to reactivate the natural elimination of fats (even the most stubborn!) by means of mechanical connective tissue stimulation. At the same time, the mechanical action of the treatment head strengthens the skin to regain its firmness and resilience. Individual treatments are of course possible, but if you do the treatments in a course of treatment, you will have much faster results.

Get rid of the excess summer kilos!
If you also opt for a healthy lifestyle in addition to the LPG endermology treatments, you will notice this in several ways: on the scale, on your clothing, but also on your energy level. By taking a healthy, varied diet, with as little sugar as possible, you will notice that you really feel comfortable in your own skin. No autumn dip, but autumn power! Do you notice that you find it difficult to put yourself to this or to maintain a healthy lifestyle? We are here to help you! We believe in the power of PowerSlim! It is not a diet, but more a good stepping stone to a different way of life. With PowerSlim you stand strong and you have a helping hand that can ensure that you can achieve your goals in a pleasant and responsible way.

You can contact us for a completely back on track treatment plan, but of course you can also only book the treatments that currently apply to you. We are happy to receive you!

Body contouring with LPG endermologie® : slimming where you want it!

It may sound too good to be true: slimming in the places you choose, but it isn't! For example, one person will lose weight most easily at his/her legs and the other will see the fat on the abdomen disappear the fastest. That will always be the case. You can only stimulate your body to slim down in places where you would like to lose some fat by means of our body contouring treatments with LPG endermologie®.®.

How exactly does it work?

By means of connective tissue stimulation we turn your body contours "on" again, as it were. By means of fat-burning and skin-tightening products and methods you can streamline your body in a natural way. By means of the endermologie® technique of LPG, we eliminate targeted stored fat from specific zones such as: abdomen. legs, buttocks, waist, thighs, arms, back, etc. The special LPG treatment head stimulates the tissue in the deeper layers of the skin and simultaneously tackles three problems: localized fat, skin slackening and cellulite. The production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is stimulated, which ensures a firmer skin. Natural fat burning is stimulated, which results in a reduction of fat cells. The result is smoother, healthier, firmer skin and beautiful contours.

Strengthen treatment

In order to achieve the desired result, we also recommend a healthy lifestyle in addition to the treatment. By this we mean healthy food, sufficient water and exercise. In addition, there are a number of products with which you can speed up and facilitate the slimming process:

*Slimming Concentrate: you use this supplement for one month to boost your LPG treatments from within. It ensures that you are not hungry all the time. In addition, it stimulates fat burning and removes excess moisture. It contains: Fucus, Dandelion, Green tea, Maté and Guarana.

*EndermoSlim Body Shaping Gel & Cream: This unique formula helps to reshape your figure. With visible results in seven days. The Endermuslim Body Shaping Gel & Cream consists of the following active ingredients: Plankton, Bergamot and Large loosestrife.

Start today!

Have you been wanting to work with your body for a long time to feel slimmer, fitter and better in balance? Then take action immediately and plan your intake + first treatment via our website! In addition to the treatments, we can also support you through PowerSlim. On to a better version of yourself!

Let’s get summerproof!

Summer is in full swing! And what could be nicer than being completely summerproof towards the sunny summer days? Relax without worrying about how you look! How exactly do we do that? Read on quick!

Eyes: Striking long and curled lashes
Our eyes are the eye-catchers of our face and that means that they can stand out even more! With our lash lift from Elleebana you are guaranteed of beautifully curled lashes for weeks. To make them stand out even more, we paint them in the desired color after the lashlift treatment so that you don't have to wear mascara for the time being, ideal for when you go swimming! And it saves time in the morning anyway! And do you want that little bit extra? Then we recommend the eyelash serum from Revitalash! This scientifically developed and patented serum is full of nourishing, natural ingredients. These help protect your lashes from brittleness and can improve flexibility, hydration and shine. After just a few weeks, your lashes will look healthier and fuller!

Feet: cared for down to the last detail
Summer is of course the time for beautiful open shoes and slippers! And that in such a nice way that your feet also look nicely presentable. Varsha is a certified pedicure and knows exactly what to do to get your feet clean and fresh again. In addition, she is an expert at painting nails with CND shellac! With this gel nail polish you will walk around in the coming weeks with beautifully painted nails that you no longer have to worry about! 

Skin: choose a summer peeling
To ensure that your skin looks tip-top this summer, we recommend that you do a DÉCAAR Algae Peeling. This herbal peeling is ideal for the summer and gives you a nice visible result after 1 treatment. Any pigmentation spots and impurities will be less and fine lines and wrinkles too! 

Protect your skin: choose an SPF product that suits your skin
A real must-have in the summer is a product with SPF! We cannot say it often enough. UV radiation (UVA radiation to be precise) is the number 1 cause of skin aging and pigmentation spots. So make sure you protect your skin every day. There is quite a difference in SPF products. For example, consider a chemical filter or a physical filter. So let us advise you. We choose the product that suits you best!

Last but not least: travel sizes!
Are you going on holiday and is your suitcase almost full when you have packed all your skin care products? We have the solution! Choose travel sizes. We also have (almost) your favorite products in convenient travel formats. Perfect to take with you on the plane, but also for days out in the Netherlands!

“All eyes on you” after our eye treatments!

Our eyes are the eye-catchers of our face! And that is why we ensure that your eyes shine through our various treatments for the eyes. Read on and discover how we transform your eyes into striking viewers.

Special eye peeling
When we give your eyes a makeover, we start with the most important: our professional eye peeling from Dermalogica! Specially developed for treating the delicate skin under the eyes and crow's feet! The concentrated eye patches exfoliate and hydrate the skin around the eyes. Rich in antioxidants obtained from Italian Grape Juice, Lemon, Orange and Sugar Maple, the eye peeling brightens, smoothes and softens the skin. With this professional peeling, specially developed for the sensitive skin around the eyes, we give you a fresh look again!

Lifted lashes 
If we have properly addressed the skin around your eyes, we will continue with your eyelashes. Eyelashes let your eyes speak. Beautiful lifted lashes do wonders for your appearance. We work with Elleebana's lash lift. After the treatment you have full, lifted lashes that stay beautiful for weeks! The lashes are lifted by means of silicone rods. This means that every eyelash hair can be treated and an eyelash curler is unnecessary.

Long eyelashes
Lifted lashes is one thing, longer lashes give an even more beautiful effect! We achieve that with the eyelash serum from Revitalash. The Revitalash eyelash serum takes care of dry, brittle and fragile eyelashes. This scientifically developed and patented serum is full of nourishing, natural ingredients. These help protect your lashes from brittleness and can improve flexibility, hydration and shine. After just a few weeks, your lashes will look healthier, fuller and longer! 

Last but not least: the eye creams!
The eye creams that we have in our range contain highly active ingredients that care for the skin around your eyes. The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of our face. This means that the first signs of skin aging are the very first visible there. Proper care of the skin around the eyes is therefore very important. Every skin is different and that is why we are happy to advise you which eye cream suits your skin type and skin condition. 

Could your eyes use a makeover? Schedule an appointment via this website or call +31 (0)20-6626752.

Practice makes perfect: Monique has over 13 years of LPGⓇ experience!

Monique is an absolute connoisseur when it comes to the LPG endermologieⓇ treatments of LPG, both for the body and the face! More than 13 years ago she came into contact with LPG and was immediately sold! Why? Because fantastic results can be achieved with LPG in many different areas. behandelingen van LPG, zowel voor het lichaam als voor het gezicht! Ruim 13 jaar geleden kwam zij in aanraking met LPG en was direct verkocht! Waarom? Omdat er met LPG fantastische resultaten te behalen zijn op vele verschillende vlakken. 

Solve skin problems 
LPG is often thought of as body contouring, in other words slimming and skin tightening. And although you can certainly lose weight with LPG and get the skin much tighter, much more is possible with this innovative system. Consider, for example, reducing scars, tackling cellulite, oncological aftercare, stretch marks or treating lymphedema. Numerous skin problems can be seriously resolved by means of mechanical connective tissue stimulation. 

We would all prefer to have beautiful, smooth and toned skin. And for some this is a lot easier than for others: if you have your DNA with you, for example. Or if your skin does not age that quickly. By living a healthy life you already help your skin enormously. With enough exercise, eating fresh products and drinking enough water, you really do your body, and therefore your skin, a real pleasure. Yet you will notice that your skin sometimes needs a little extra. And that is exactly the moment when LPG can support you. 

Een LPG endermologie An LPG endermology treatment works at the cellular level: the cells are (re) activated. During the treatment, each cell receives a signal that makes it function better again and stimulates it to produce new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Deeper in the skin, fat cells receive the signal to release their content, allowing resistant fat to be removed. The great thing about an LPG endermologieⓇ treatment is that it is 100% natural and that all tissues and cells are kept intact. behandeling is dat het 100% natuurlijk is en dat alle weefsels en cellen intact worden gehouden. 

The combination of aged skin and gravity can play a big role in your appearance. The connective tissue loses its firmness over the years, making your skin weaker. Gravity can also cause your face to “hang” a bit. But the elasticity of the skin also decreases. You get, as it were, "skin too much". With LPG facial treatments this is therefore well anticipated. With a special treatment head, micro tapping movements are made on the skin surface in a pleasant way. This intensely stimulates the skin. Your body's own cells get back to work to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid themselves. Cell division is accelerated so that lines and wrinkles remain less deep in the skin. Because your cells themselves go back to work, this ensures a long-lasting lifting effect.

At Mo Esthetics we know how to draw up the right treatment plans to achieve your goals. We work with the latest generation of LPG equipment: the Alliance. We are happy to put together a cure for you, after which you will enter the summer with a nice, fit and toned body!