Summer is in full swing! And what could be nicer than being completely summerproof towards the sunny summer days? Relax without worrying about how you look! How exactly do we do that? Read on quick!

Eyes: Striking long and curled lashes
Our eyes are the eye-catchers of our face and that means that they can stand out even more! With our lash lift from Elleebana you are guaranteed of beautifully curled lashes for weeks. To make them stand out even more, we paint them in the desired color after the lashlift treatment so that you don't have to wear mascara for the time being, ideal for when you go swimming! And it saves time in the morning anyway! And do you want that little bit extra? Then we recommend the eyelash serum from Revitalash! This scientifically developed and patented serum is full of nourishing, natural ingredients. These help protect your lashes from brittleness and can improve flexibility, hydration and shine. After just a few weeks, your lashes will look healthier and fuller!

Feet: cared for down to the last detail
Summer is of course the time for beautiful open shoes and slippers! And that in such a nice way that your feet also look nicely presentable. Varsha is a certified pedicure and knows exactly what to do to get your feet clean and fresh again. In addition, she is an expert at painting nails with CND shellac! With this gel nail polish you will walk around in the coming weeks with beautifully painted nails that you no longer have to worry about! 

Skin: choose a summer peeling
To ensure that your skin looks tip-top this summer, we recommend that you do a DÉCAAR Algae Peeling. This herbal peeling is ideal for the summer and gives you a nice visible result after 1 treatment. Any pigmentation spots and impurities will be less and fine lines and wrinkles too! 

Protect your skin: choose an SPF product that suits your skin
A real must-have in the summer is a product with SPF! We cannot say it often enough. UV radiation (UVA radiation to be precise) is the number 1 cause of skin aging and pigmentation spots. So make sure you protect your skin every day. There is quite a difference in SPF products. For example, consider a chemical filter or a physical filter. So let us advise you. We choose the product that suits you best!

Last but not least: travel sizes!
Are you going on holiday and is your suitcase almost full when you have packed all your skin care products? We have the solution! Choose travel sizes. We also have (almost) your favorite products in convenient travel formats. Perfect to take with you on the plane, but also for days out in the Netherlands!

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