The “normal” life has already started for many and autumn is just around the corner. Time to take a closer look at your skin & body! Has pigment damage occurred on your skin during the summer months due to more exposure to UV radiation? Or has the sun made your skin drier and is a hydration boost much needed? We know what to look out for when we treat your skin after the summer. In addition to the fact that your skin needs maintenance, that can also apply to your body. You will not be the first to gain some unwanted kilos in the summer. What can we at Mo Esthetics do for you? You can read that below!

Personalized facials
When you come to us for a facial, we first start with a short intake and skin analysis. We look at what your skin needs most and adjust the treatment accordingly. Every skin is different and that's why we customize everything for you down to the last detail. In general, after the summer we often see more pigment spots and we regularly encounter dehydrated skins. We work with the professional products of Dermalogica, Dermaquest and DÉCAAR. If desired, we also integrate equipment into the treatment.

Body shaping & skin firming
In the summer months you might drink a glass of wine more often and in the evening you might have a drink on the terrace or in the garden. Ice creams are also a lot more tempting in the summer! Not surprising at all that some extra kilos have been put on. Make sure that these temporary holiday pounds don't become permanent! Make sure your body gets back in shape with the LPG endermologie® treatments. What exactly happens during the LPG endermologie® treatments? Endermologie® stimulates the slimming cells (adipocytes) to reactivate the natural elimination of fats (even the most stubborn!) by means of mechanical connective tissue stimulation. At the same time, the mechanical action of the treatment head strengthens the skin to regain its firmness and resilience. Individual treatments are of course possible, but if you do the treatments in a course of treatment, you will have much faster results.

Get rid of the excess summer kilos!
If you also opt for a healthy lifestyle in addition to the LPG endermology treatments, you will notice this in several ways: on the scale, on your clothing, but also on your energy level. By taking a healthy, varied diet, with as little sugar as possible, you will notice that you really feel comfortable in your own skin. No autumn dip, but autumn power! Do you notice that you find it difficult to put yourself to this or to maintain a healthy lifestyle? We are here to help you! We believe in the power of PowerSlim! It is not a diet, but more a good stepping stone to a different way of life. With PowerSlim you stand strong and you have a helping hand that can ensure that you can achieve your goals in a pleasant and responsible way.

You can contact us for a completely back on track treatment plan, but of course you can also only book the treatments that currently apply to you. We are happy to receive you!

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