Skincare versus skin improvement

Of course we take care of your skin at Mo Esthetics, but we prefer to improve your skin! Skin care and skin improvement are often confused with each other, while there is indeed a difference in caring for and improving your skin.

The skin consists of three main layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutis. The skin layers separately also consist of different layers, each of which has its own function. Each skin layer needs its own nutrients.

The skin can be disturbed by all kinds of factors. For example, due to incorrect facial cleansing, smoking, poor nutrition or stress. You can help the skin with the right skin care products. If you only want to fill the shortages in the skin, you speak of skin care. 

A normal beauty treatment is mainly aimed at caring for the skin. The skin is conditioned with moisturizing creams, masks and relaxing massages. Your skin basically is kept supple. Of course, results are visible, but you will notice this especially in the first week after the treatment. 

When you want to fill the shortages of the skin and want to make the skin work a little harder, we speak of skin improvement. When you are dealing with a skin problem such as skin aging, pigmentation, acne, rosacea or sensitive skin, then you need a little more than skin care alone. At Mo Esthetics we can remedy or reduce all kinds of skin problems through our powerful treatments. The products we work with have a high concentration of active ingredients that can really improve your skin, just like with equipment. Think of connective tissue massage (both manual and mechanical with LPG endermology), peels, microneedling etc. 

The advantage of skin enhancement is that we can really slow down the skin aging process, which is why our skin enhancing treatments are so in demand!