Monique is an absolute connoisseur when it comes to the LPG endermologieⓇ treatments of LPG, both for the body and the face! More than 13 years ago she came into contact with LPG and was immediately sold! Why? Because fantastic results can be achieved with LPG in many different areas. behandelingen van LPG, zowel voor het lichaam als voor het gezicht! Ruim 13 jaar geleden kwam zij in aanraking met LPG en was direct verkocht! Waarom? Omdat er met LPG fantastische resultaten te behalen zijn op vele verschillende vlakken. 

Solve skin problems 
LPG is often thought of as body contouring, in other words slimming and skin tightening. And although you can certainly lose weight with LPG and get the skin much tighter, much more is possible with this innovative system. Consider, for example, reducing scars, tackling cellulite, oncological aftercare, stretch marks or treating lymphedema. Numerous skin problems can be seriously resolved by means of mechanical connective tissue stimulation. 

We would all prefer to have beautiful, smooth and toned skin. And for some this is a lot easier than for others: if you have your DNA with you, for example. Or if your skin does not age that quickly. By living a healthy life you already help your skin enormously. With enough exercise, eating fresh products and drinking enough water, you really do your body, and therefore your skin, a real pleasure. Yet you will notice that your skin sometimes needs a little extra. And that is exactly the moment when LPG can support you. 

Een LPG endermologie An LPG endermology treatment works at the cellular level: the cells are (re) activated. During the treatment, each cell receives a signal that makes it function better again and stimulates it to produce new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Deeper in the skin, fat cells receive the signal to release their content, allowing resistant fat to be removed. The great thing about an LPG endermologieⓇ treatment is that it is 100% natural and that all tissues and cells are kept intact. behandeling is dat het 100% natuurlijk is en dat alle weefsels en cellen intact worden gehouden. 

The combination of aged skin and gravity can play a big role in your appearance. The connective tissue loses its firmness over the years, making your skin weaker. Gravity can also cause your face to “hang” a bit. But the elasticity of the skin also decreases. You get, as it were, "skin too much". With LPG facial treatments this is therefore well anticipated. With a special treatment head, micro tapping movements are made on the skin surface in a pleasant way. This intensely stimulates the skin. Your body's own cells get back to work to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid themselves. Cell division is accelerated so that lines and wrinkles remain less deep in the skin. Because your cells themselves go back to work, this ensures a long-lasting lifting effect.

At Mo Esthetics we know how to draw up the right treatment plans to achieve your goals. We work with the latest generation of LPG equipment: the Alliance. We are happy to put together a cure for you, after which you will enter the summer with a nice, fit and toned body!

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