Mo | Skin Improvements
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Allow your skin to shine: let our latest knowledge and beauty technology work for you.

Mo Esthetics specialises in skin improvement treatments and works with the latest Laser technology, Dermalogica and Dermaquest cosmeceuticals .

By choosing to work with only top quality products and the latest, proven laser technologies your skin will significantly improve.

Our skin experts are fully qualified to treat skin problems.
They will analyse your skin to decide the best treatments to achieve the best possible result.
And since we work with certified skin therapists, skin therapy is often coved by your health insurance.

Would you like a smoother, tighter skin?

At MO Esthetics we offer a variety of treatments that will significantly improve your skin quality. DermaQuest, the beauty brand we work with, has a wide range of products and treatments that will restore your skin. Lycogel is a foundation that camouflages your skin after a peeling. This way your skin looks younger and more relaxt after each treatment.


The dermapen uses tiny needles which make little canals in your skin by vibrating. Small canals are made superficially and vertically. These small canals are not visible by the naked eye, but ‘injure’ the skin exactly enough to activate it in a natural way. Due to the incitement, the natural recovery process will be fully used. This natural process comes to deep into the skin. Thanks to the incitement of the connective tissues, increasing and healing factors will be released. These factors ensure the production of collagen and elastin.


Peelings are highly effective for nurturing a troubled acne skin, a sun-damaged skin, an hyper pigmentated skin or just a troubled skin. A peeling also works efficiently for anti-aging. A peeling works deep into the skin, causing a small layer of skin to peel off. A process of the production of collagen and young skin cells follows naturally. The result is a radiant and smooth skin and reduction of the pigment. Depending on your type of skin and the nature of the troubles in it, we will choose a peeling which fits your skin the best. You can trust our years of knowledge and experience.

Deep tissue massage

An intense manual massage of the deeper layers of the skin. The goal is twofold: on the one hand the improvement of the changing of the skin fabrics by achieving a better blood flow, on the other hand the incitement and activation of the collagen in your skin. In short, it’s the gym for your skin and all of that without artificial interventions! The result is the fading away of wrinkles and filling up the skin by the collagen of your own skin.

Beauty Angel Light

Realizes your wish for a soft and natural rejuvenation. The special light spectra stimulate the fibroblases, so the body-like production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron all get a boost. In the same time, the permeability of the skin will be increased, so that the high quality cosmetic products can do their work particularly effective. After the treatment, you’ll have soft and smooth skin, the moisture content will be improved and your pores will be refined. Prior to each treatment, your skin will be cleansed and a serum will be applied. The lamps will do the rest of the work and afterwards you’ll get lovely day cream applied. To get the best results, you’ll need 15-20 treatments.


Transformage® is an anti-aging massage technique for the face, neck and décolleté. A collection of manual techniques, which will modulate the whole face again. Starting with bringing volume and keeping this volume of the bone mass in the face. Besides that, it will bring the facial muscles in a neutral position for the purpose of the symmetry in the face. Loosening the tissue and draining the waste are improving the hydration and the volume of tension force, by the production of collagen and elastin.

Derma Peel

This professional and intensive exfoliating treatment for your hands and eyes, provides a multiple technology which combines different peeling techniques. It will brighten the complexion and supports the elimination of dead skin cells. It regulates the release of melanin as well. The skin will be smooth, transparent and get an even complexion. The best results are accomplished after approximately 4-5 treatments.

Do you want to get rid of despising wrinkles?

Botox and fillers could be a solution for your problem. Book a free of charge appointment to discuss your wishes and we will advise what’s best suited for those wishes. Together we will accomplish the best results.
Do you suffer from couperose, small red spots in your face or décolleté? These spots can be reduced by using laser technology. This laser technology will work very specific on your skin. This is a safe and painless method. Usually, a cure of 3-5 treatments will bring the desired results. We work together with the skin therapists of Cosmetique Totale.

Do you want to get rid of despising hair definitively?

With the Elos-laser-technology all hairs can be treated, even the blonde, red and grey hairs. With only one light flash hundreds of hair follicles can be tackled at the same time. The hair which is located in the area of treatment will fall out after a few weeks and never grow back. It will take about 6-8 treatments to remove all the hair definitively. We work together with de skin therapists of Cosmetique Totale.