Mo | Beauty
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Complete beauty therapy in a relaxed atmosphere.

MO Esthetics has three deluxe treatment rooms where you can enjoy a facial treatment or a relaxing massage.
Waxing, epilate or colouring: it is all possible.

Derma Facials

Derma Facials are nurturing facial treatments that will smoothen your skin. MO Esthetics works with DermaQuest & Dermalogica products. These products each offer luxurious skin care and are created from plant stem cells, peptides and vitamins. These hydrating and protective ingredients are essential for a vital skin.

DermaQuest & Dermalogica products do much more that simply nurture your skin. Cleansing, hydratation, strengthening and protection are the basic needs for all skin types. This is the starting point for the advanced and result oriented tailor made treatments.

DermaQuest & Dermalogica have developed home care products that maintain the effects of the treatments. The DermanQuest & Dermalogica’s philosophy brings you stunning long term results.

Enjoy the luxurious personalised treatments in our salon.

Classic Resurfacer

Revitalising treatment, the skin will be instantly refreshed. This treatment stimulates the hydration of the skin.

Youth Only

A short cleansing treatment for all skin types, especially for the (young) problematic skin.

Peptide Resurfacer

Recovers the firmness and colour of the tired skin The result is an immediate lifted skin.

SkinBrite Resurfacer

Sparkling fresh skin colour, focussing on mild hyperpigmentation.

Derma Eye Treatment

Intensive eye treatment including massage of thee eye area. This treatment can easily be combined with any of the other facials.

Other beauty treatments

Tinting or shaping

Have your eyebrows or eyelashes coloured and shaped.


Facial hair and/or body hair can be removed in a calm and private environment.


The pedicure treatment will be executed by an experienced and certified pedicures and will be tailor-made to address the needs of your feet. Cutting and shaping of the nails. Cuticles will be taken care of, and in case there is hard skin and/or cores this will be removed. Depending on your choice for the treatment the session will finish with a nourishing cream and nail polish from the brand Caption.

Massages and Body treatments

Would you like to spoil your body and mind? Book one of a number of lovely relaxing massages at Mo-Esthetics.

Full Body Relaxing Massage

This massage concentrates on full muscle relaxation with the aim to completely relax your body and mind. 60 mins.
60 min.

Back and Neck Massage

Complete focus on the tight neck and back muscles. 30 mins.
30 min.